Investigative Services

In an age when many specialty investigative firms are disappearing, merged into faceless corporate monoliths, ISG is one of the largest claim investigation firms in the country that still focuses exclusively on the property casualty and disability insurance industries. From Asset Checks and Written/Recorded Statements to Field Investigations and full Surveillance, ISG offers a complete suite of fraud management products tailored to suit the specific needs of your Fraud Management Program.

ISG believes that our continued focus, extensive industry expertise and the program components outlined below continue to differentiate our investigative solutions:

  • Employee Investigative Team – Our investigative team is composed of seasoned professionals representing experiences in both the public and private sections of law enforcement, SIU, security, and loss prevention.  Through extensive training, the hiring of diverse, flexible, experienced professionals, our investigative team has proven itself by acting with integrity, following client direction, and getting results through quality investigative practices.
  • Investigative Case Management – ISG supports our client’s and the investigative team with experienced professionals.  Case Managers provide immediate insight into surveillance and bring critical claim information to clients immediately.   At ISG, we believe that communication between investigator, case manager and our clients are the key to a successful investigation.
  • Surveillance Equipment – ISG provides state of the art equipment to the investigative team including digital cameras as well as covert technology.  The equipment provided to employees has been standardized to assure the quality and provide superior video and investigative capabilities during each assignment.
  • Technology – ISG’s industry-leading web-based investigative software platform is proven, easy to use and extremely dynamic. It integrates seamlessly with clients’ systems, provides a straightforward, streamlined method for investigators to combine and submit the information they gather and offers exceptional communication and reporting tools for clients.

We remain committed to providing our clients with customized, high quality, cost-effective investigative solutions designed to assist in identifying and managing potentially fraudulent claims.