Independent Medical Evaluations

ISG is the industry leader providing an IndependentMedical EvaluatorNetwork comprised of qualified and experienced medical professionals prepared to provide expert opinions throughout the United States. All of ISG’s Physicians are practicing board-certified physicians and licensed healthcare professionals.

The backbone of our IME services is ISG’s Physician Network. With the largest independent physician review panel available in the industry, ISG is able to provide comprehensive medical recommendations utilizing case-specific patient information and industry-standard care guidelines including treatment protocols and current scientific evidence.

The physicans cover an extensive list of medical specialties and sub-specialties, and serve all 50 states, providing our clients with the highest quality, evidence-based medical reviews and examinations.

ISG offers clients impartial and evidence-based Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and Peer Reviews. ISG is uniquely able to establish best practices that can meet all your IME and Peer Review needs.