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ISG’s iVault approach is a comprehensive non-submit solution that applies recognized industry standards such as evidence-based medicine, applicable state’s treatment plan, ODG and ACOEM guidelines, as well as unique legal insight.

Allocations will include medical and pharmacological recommendations that are both medically and legally defensible. iVault allocations provide a reasonable and adequate allocation to resolve claims while properly considering Medicare’s interests. Post completion of our iVault allocation, our experts will collaborate with all parties to assist in a strategic plan to resolve Medicare obligations. Each claim will be individually assessed to guide our client in making a decision regarding the appropriate iVault product.

Our leadership has held key roles in policy development and reform, providing a unique insight into the obligations of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Our legal and settlement specialist teams provide support to the parties from creation and delivery of the report to post settlement Medicare mitigation. With expert clinicians whose backgrounds include review contractor roles, we understand the existing obstacles with the CMS voluntary review process. As your partner in claim management and resolution, our iVault product line offers several customizable solutions to achieve the goal of claim resolution. Additionally, our iVault products are uniquely supported by ISG’s national network of over 16,000 physicians.


For more information on Section 111 reporting, Medicare Set-Asides (including our iVault program) or Conditional payment resolution services, please contact us at msp@isgvalue.com

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iVault Secure
Our most comprehensive tool that helps alleviate the fear of post settlement obstacles by resolving conditional payments and supporting the Claimant with professional administration and post settlement Medicare mitigation services. ISG’s Professional Administration services include holding the allocation funds and providing visibility into the allocation account. This includes real time account information and an easy access card that facilitates bill review and eliminates the administrative burden. The Claimant can rest easy knowing their funds are secure and the necessary annual accounting is filed with Medicare. The settlement will be expedited and the voluntary CMS review process will be replaced with the iVault Secure bundle.

iVault Plus
Similar to the iVault Secure product, iVault Plus substitutes professional administration with an assisted administration program that removes the burdens of the complex bill review needs by supplying the claimant with a state of the art Assisted Administration platform to upload and obtain review of medical bills. With iVault Plus the Claimant maintains the settlement funds allocated for the payment of medical needs.

iVault Traditional
ISG’s non-submit MSA that is backed by evidence based medicine without post settlement administration services. As with all iVault products, the claimant will be supported by our legal team to provide post settlement Medicare mitigation services.