Recovery Resolution

Validate. Identify. Negotiate. Resolve.

ISG’s proprietary process and analytically driven software, myVitals combined with over 100 years of industry experience, partners with claims organizations to identify and resolve conditional payments. ISG’s unique approach expedites final resolution and provides peace of mind.

The ISG Advantage

  • Expert resolution professionals including former recovery contractor professionals providing unique insight into the complexities of conditional payment resolution
  • Comprehensive review of Conditional Payment correspondence, utilizing applicable claim reimbursement guidelines as well as clinical and legal approaches
  • The ability to minimize interest accrual of conditional payments with a “Direct Payment” service offering

Specialized Auto Offerings

  • ISG partners with the claims professional to identify Medicare exposures and aligns recovery activities with the unique aspects of auto no-fault claims
  • Auto Expeditor provides a unique approach to identify and resolve conditional payment obligations with a wholistic approach completely removing the burden from the claim’s professional


For more information on Section 111 reporting, Medicare Set-Asides (including our iVault program) or Conditional payment resolution services, please contact us at

Recovery Resolution

Services Offered

  • Conditional Payment Resolution
    ISG’s Expert Resolution team will facilitate the identification and resolution of Medicare Conditional Payments.
  • Medicare Advantage Resolution
    ISG’s Recovery Specialists will assistant identification of the Medicare Advantage Plan to obtain, negotiate, and resolve Medicare Advantage obligations.
  • Medicaid Resolution
    ISG’s team will assist in identification of the applicable State recovery and will negotiate and assist in resolution of these obligations.