ISG’s Canvassing of Medical Facilities and Associated Organizations Sets Up a Seamless Record Retrieval Process.

ISG seamlessly combines Canvassing with our other verticals to save time and give a more accurate and positive outcome. Canvassing also delivers cost savings through compressed turnaround time and more complete claim discovery.


  • Time savings: Locating and identifying ALL treatment facilities
  • Ease of Use: One touch point to order a canvass and have ISG retrieve records on positive results
  • More complete claim discovery: 87% of our canvasses reveal additional provider records

Accelerate the Claims Process – Saving Time and Cost with ISG

A Critical Step in the Process of Retrieval
Record Canvassing Image

Why it’s Important to Uncover a Claimant's Medical Treatment History

  • Ensures accuracy through obtaining a complete and detailed medical history
  • Locates and reviews non-standardized treatment patterns
  • Locates associated organizations and activities for past, present and future involvement
  • Discovers undisclosed treatment information OR verifies claimant information. (Available in any geographical area, around any pre-determined time frame.)