Record IQ not only consolidates records, it organizes them chronologically with indexing, hyperlinks, and summaries resulting in review ready documents.

Benefits to Using Record IQ:

  • Sorted, indexed and summarized review ready documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows full document searchability
  • Imbedded hyperlinks to medical treatment history throughout documents
  • Once sorted, indexed and summarized, all records are easily accessible to analyze at any time
  • Alleviates adjuster / paralegal time burdens allowing reallocation of resources

Why Clients Partner with ISG:

  • Record IQ saves our clients Time, Money and Resources
  • Data shows legal and claims staff spend upwards of 30-40 hours sorting, organizing and summarizing records for each case
  • OCR searchability and embedded hyperlinks are not possible with manual records
  • HIPPA compliant receipt and delivery of records via our secure client portal