Simplify Records Management by Partnering with ISG

Order, Access and Manage records anytime from anywhere with one single login. Save on cost as well as requestor’s time and receive records that are Organized, Indexed, Analyzed and Review-Ready.

From Order Entry to Production to Delivery and Analysis – it’s Seamless with our Client Portal

We have technical capabilities to provide in-depth claimant searches for records from:

  • any healthcare facility: hospitals, urgent care, medical practices, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and many more
  • any club that requires a membership: gyms, rotaries, marinas, golf clubs, local sports venues and more

You can order, access and manage your records easily on our client portal. We offer:

  • fast, accurate and complete record retrieval
  • investigative capabilities ensuring no records are missed
  • a real-time client portal for live updates to track requests
  • delivery of records via secure email, FTP and other secure file sharing methods.

Record IQ can organize, index and analyze your records so they are review-ready.
We can:

  • ensure no blanks or duplicates
  • organize records in chronological, dated order
  • create a timeline or summary of medical treatment
  • implement search capabilities by text or keyword
  • create summaries that include hyperlinks to the actual record retrieved

ISG not only measures your success but also our performance as well. We offer:

  • retrieval success measurement
  • custom integrative client reporting
  • automated work product delivery
  • SLA execution and reporting
  • performance measurement