While we’re proud of our industry-leading metrics and results, what truly makes us different is our values. We are unlike any claim and litigation support company you’ve ever known. Our passion for doing the right thing means we do not cut corners, we put people first and we deliver high quality services.

Our difference is not just the unique integration of our four core solutions, but the way in which we conduct business.

Our client commitment includes being:

Customer-Centered: We are willing to change our processes to support yours.

Quality-Focused: Our commitment to delivering high-quality services is part of our DNA.

Innovative: We use the power of our creative imagination to develop solutions to help you achieve optimal claim outcomes.

Technology-Forward: Our ever-adapting technology solutions guide our team in providing consistent, high-quality services.

What makes our company unique is that our solutions complement each other, and we have the ability to offer our clients a single source for claim mitigation.
ISG sits above the competition because of this unique integration of our core solutions, Investigation Management, Medical Management, Clinical Management and  Record Management that complement and support each other by providing continued innovation, efficiencies, cost savings, and the tools needed to help mitigate claims. Our integrated solutions benefit the claim process in many ways, including:
  • Proven client-tailored programs that produce efficiency, cost synergies and improved claim outcomes
  • Unparalleled, real-time credentialing and oversight of our provider panel
  • In-person provider facility field audits (COVID compliance) by licensed investigators
  • Superior coordination between medical appointments and investigative efforts
  • In-house record retrieval supporting litigation, medical management and claim investigations
  • Ingenuity and creative nature of our team allowing for continuous innovation and client service execution
  • State-of-the-art technology and integrated partnerships across all solution lines