ISG Introduces the Most Powerful Social Media Investigative Tool at Your Disposal!

FirstLook is revolutionizing the investigative industry by utilizing cost effective, deep web research for better surveillance providing an amazing amount of data on your subjects.

FirstLook utilizes a unique combination of logic algorithms and fully trained internet based investigators who spend several hours digging through the internet to uncover and document information relative to your subject. Our service is:

  • National/International in scope
  • Undetectable— no “friending” of subjects

Using FirstLook, we search much more than your average sites such as Facebook and MySpace. We search where the search engines stop, including EXIF and metadata. This service yields:

  • High return on investment
  • Decreased litigation costs

What can FirstLook uncover?

  • Pictures or videos of the subject engaging in physical activity
  • Evidence of secondary income through e-commerce activity
  • Future events and activity plans for surveillance profiling


A Comprehensive Social Media Investigation

Our Research Specialists provide an in-depth review of Social Media sites to search for targeted information and will provide you with a comprehensive, manageable report. Our “Identity Resolution Technology” searches hundreds of websites, uses custom algorithms and is coupled with a “human touch” that provides information relevant to your claim investigation.

Social Media Investigation with Criminal and Database Search

Our Research Specialists perform the Social Media Investigation described above along with in-depth Criminal and Civil background checks. Our Specialists have access to investigative databases, and our streamlined process helps us identify the appropriate individuals.

Social Media Investigation with a Four-Hour Activity Check

Our most comprehensive Social Media Investigation is provided along with a four-hour activity check / surveillance as required by the investigation. Our Comprehensive Report will provide the most rapid Social Media information including relevant, targeted investigative results by ISG’s field team.

Social Media “Monitoring” Investigation

After performing a FirstLook, our Research Specialists will perform DAILY monitoring of individuals’ Social Media Sites. The monitoring will allow for immediate action to be taken as information becomes available to you. Our timely process generates valuable and critical information for your claim file!