Social Intelligencew

A low cost, high value early intervention to identify claim issues

The FirstLook digital investigations platform is revolutionizing the investigative industry by going beyond social media to provide in-depth social intelligence. Our digital investigations team utilizes a combination of hands on searching, (OSINT) custom algorithms, proprietary software and has capabilities to search over hundreds of digital platforms.

Social intelligence provides critical information to assist with claims at all stages. From intake to litigation, our world-class social intelligence empowers our clients with actionable information and the insight you’ll need to combat fraud and mitigate claims across all lines of insurance. Take a look at our tiered products below and services rendered for each. For more info, reach out to your local ISG Representative who can help guide you to choose the right product for you!

Social Media

What can a FirstLook uncover?

Detailed intelligence on an individual

• A person’s activities, interests and future plans
• Secondary income and e-commerce activity
• Topics of interest and activity patterns

Detailed intelligence on a business

• Digital presence and references to a business
• Social media presence and e-commerce
• GAID (Google Analytics Code) and Link Analysis

Third party incident evidence

• Geofenced (defined area) searches for potential witnesses
• Location based searching for 3rd party photos/videos



The FirstLook report provides a general overview of a subject’s on-line presence as well as any content we find pertinent to the case. It includes a review of many major Social Media platforms with links to any on-line content that we find.

FirstLook Plus

The FirstLook Plus report is our most requested report and offers a more in-depth digital search. This report contains everything that can be found in our FirstLook report, however, also includes some key additional data that can be impactful to your claims investigation. The FirstLook Plus is ideal for documenting a subject’s on-line presence and internet activity and analyzing that on-line activity for any relevant evidence or information.

FirstLook Premier

Our FirstLook Premier report is the most in-depth digital search we offer. This search includes everything the previous reports contain however puts an emphasis on searching relative’s accounts and data preservation. Each FirstLook Premier report is sent with a link containing saved PDF Timelines and videos that will remain accessible to the client even in the event the subject deletes the content. This report is also an easy choice for clients who want to broaden their search to include the Web 3.0, Dark Web and Facial Recognition AI.

FirstLook Monitor (Add On)

This is a product that is sold as an ongoing review of content. We revisit prior reports and update from the date of the most recent report.
We can provide these reports as frequently as requested and can also provide scheduled maintenance to the file.

Content included




Summary (All Social Media platforms)

Phone and Email Information

Name Search

Activities and News Articles

Social Media Results

Business Activity

Relatives and Associates

Expert Testimony (Available as an Add on)

Executive Summary

Address History

Residential Maps and Photographs

Property Ownership Records

Current Motor Vehicle Information

Civil Litigation Records

Criminal Records

Financial Standing and Bankruptcy Records

Corporate Records

Professional and Recreational Records

Interactive Courtroom Ready Report

MD5 Hash Data Preservation

Facial Recognition

Dark Web

Web 3.0