The Road to Better Service Starts with ISG!

No two claims or insurance operations are exactly the same. That’s why we design configurable and comprehensive insurance support solutions that streamline the claims process and eliminate the burden and expense of using multiple vendors.

Our solutions can be bundled or used individually — allowing you to select and deploy the right combination of our products to meet the unique demands of your business. Choose ISG and you’ll always have the right tools to provide the best service.

Fast Decisions

Faster Decision

By utilizing our solutions, synthesizing results becomes a much quicker process

Accurate Quality Decisions

Accurate and Quality Information

Our certified, experienced medical professionals review and process work applying jurisdictional rules and requirements

Improved Adjuster Efficiency

Improved Adjuster Efficiency

Administrative process automation streamlines workflows and reduces non-adjuster specific tasks

Our Advanced Technology Offers Easy Access and Organization of Claim Data and Medical Documentation

Our Technology allows visibility of the entire life of the claim, and also provides easy access and organization of all claim data and medical documentation.

Easy Fast Organized workflow chart

New Jersey Solutions

Since 2001, we have been providing Decision Point Review (DPR)/Pre-Certification and other specialized New Jersey services.

Our experience in the NJ auto insurance market allows us to effectively provide solutions that manage the requirements of the Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act of 1998 (AICRA). These solutions can be implemented in any combination as needs change.


Nurse case managers and physician advisors review treatment requests to substantiate medical necessity according to New Jersey treatment protocols

Prospective Case Management

This approach employs direct contact with all parties at the point of referral and at regular intervals throughout the life of the claim

Reporting and Analytics

Casualty Solutions

Professional Review

In cases that require specialized review, files are electronically routed to the appropriate professional, to help you better understand your claims and lower your risk of errors.

ISG nurses will handle your treatment requests and file reviews

  • Administer NJ Decision Point Review Programs
  • Facilitate contact with treating providers
  • Provide treatment assessments

ISG on-staff nurses will help you understand the injuries and treatment in question as well as prepare a file review or physician referral

  • Bill Review
  • Physician Adviser Determination (PHAD) Nurse
  • Ask the Nurse (medical necessity, relatedness, appropriateness of charges)

Services, procedures, and medications administered and billed appropriately

  • Provider/Hospital Audit
  • Desk Audit

Physicians are Board-certified, credentialed, and cover all specialties

  • Physician Adviser
  • Peer Review
  • Independent Medical Exam (IME)

With the number of injury codes dramatically increasing, our certified professional coders will review the appropriateness of the billed procedures based upon AMA guidelines

Utilization Review certificates on file in states with DOI requirements

We’re here to answer billing inquiries, investigate issues, and support insurers in resolving disputes

  • Provide written review of the case
  • Assemble appropriate documentation
  • Make recommendations for resolution