ISG Clinical Services collaborates with an exclusive medical panel. Our expertise leads to more accurate results and better claim outcomes.

We provide medical expertise designed to help improve claim outcomes and accuracy. We have a dedicated staff of experienced nurses, board certified physicians and certified professional coders.

URAC Accredited
URAC Accreditation

As a URAC accredited company, we collaborate with over 16,500 trusted medical providers to create solutions designed to reduce medical losses.

Physician Services

We oversee a national network of independent physicians who provide medical professional services. Representing a broad range of specialties, these clinicians are available to review medical documentation, and /or conduct independent medical examinations (IMEs), as needed.

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Physician Review

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Peer Review

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Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Our Physician panel helps when a physician’s opinion is requested to address treatment relatedness, duration and medical necessity.

We provide physicians of the same specialty to conduct a peer review of medical documentation and provide a case summary report. Physicians evaluate causality, treatment relatedness and medical necessity.

We offer a streamlined referral process to a national network of board-certified, credentialed specialists. Clients simply submit a request and we handle the rest.

Other Services

Code Review

Certified professional coders review codes for treatment and level of service for accuracy of the bill.

Dispute Handling

We’re here to answer billing inquiries, investigate issues and support insurers in resolving disputes.

Reporting and Analytics