Record Management SolutionsISG provides national records management programs encompassing the entire record lifecycle. We partner with many national and regional carriers in their claims, house counsel and panel counsel operations.

These programs reduce cost, streamline this process; saving carriers time and enabling faster claim closures.

ISG is Raising Expectations of Records Programs

Our Difference:

Integrated Solutions: Streamlined ordering, billing and record delivery
Process Excellence:
Leveraging automation to accelerate delivery
Concierge Level Service:
Proactive, accessible, accountable team
dedicated to Client
Ease of use with the legal form automation, office
setup configuration
Quality Outcomes:
Industry leading performance in key metrics

  • Turn-around time
  • Record success rate
  • Cost optimization opportunities
Record Canvasing Icon

Record Canvassing

Locate and Identify ALL Treatment Facilities
Locate additional providers for a complete treatment history, including the ability to automatically generate a retrieval request for any facilities found to have records for that individual.

Record Retrieval

Fast, Accurate, and Complete Record Retrieval
Let us ease the burden to obtain all records needed to properly manage claims and litigation, improve efficiencies, reduce spending, and make informed decisions that accelerate claims resolutions.

Record IQ

Sort, Index, Summarize, and Analyze Records Effortlessly
Record IQ consolidates and organizes records chronologically with indexing, hyperlinks, and summaries for review ready documents that help you make informed decisions and accelerate claims and litigation resolutions.

Record Pro

Speed, Accuracy and Production
Centralized fulfillment of all External and Third Party Record Requests