ISG provides a national records management program that encompasses the entire record life cycle, enabling clients to focus on resolving claims faster. Our programs include Record Retrieval, Record IQ, Third Party Record Production, and Medical Record Canvassing.

We leverage customization and process excellence to deliver concierge level service and quality outcomes. Our technology-driven process incorporates integration and automation to streamline the order process from order creation through records delivery.

ISG is Raising Expectations of Records Programs

Integrated Solutions: Streamlined ordering, billing and record delivery

Process Excellence: Leveraging automation to accelerate delivery

Concierge Level Service: Dedicated team providing proactive, accessible, accountable service for Clients

Customization: Ease of use with the legal form automation, office setup configuration

Quality Outcomes: Industry leading performance in key metrics

  • Turn-around time
  • Record success rate
  • Cost optimization opportunities

Record Retrieval

Fast, Easy, Effective Record Retrieval Program
Let us ease the burden to obtain all records needed to properly manage claims and litigation, improve efficiencies, reduce spending, and make informed decisions that accelerate claims resolutions.

Record IQ

Sort, Index, Summarize, and Analyze Records Effortlessly
Record IQ not only consolidates records, it organizes them chronologically with indexing, hyperlinks, and summaries resulting in review ready documents.

Record Pro (3rd Party Record Production)

Speed, Accuracy and Production
Record Pro streamlines the record request fulfillment process for our clients; eliminating administrative expenses and enabling clients to reallocate staff to more value-added tasks.

Record Canvassing

A Critical Step In The Retrieval Process
Record Canvassing of medical facilities and associated organizations sets up a seamless record retrieval process. ISG easily combines canvassing with all our solutions to save time and give a more accurate and positive outcome.