Record Management SolutionsISG offers a broad range of Record Management Solutions, including Record Retrieval; acquiring all records pertinent to a claim from all manner of facilities, Record IQ; consolidation, indexing, summarization and analytics of records, and Record Pro; custodial production and fulfillment for records requested by a third party.

Thinking of partnering with us for your record retrieval needs?

Here’s how it works, we:

  1. Review current protocols/processes
  2. Highlight what is working/not working
  3. Offer options to fill in the blanks and/or establish a new system all together
  4. Create a detailed partnership program
  5. Complete an implementation process with set goals/dates

Let us do the work for you and help you save time and cost!


Record Retrieval

Accelerate the Claims Process with ISG!
Fast, Accurate, and Complete Record Retrieval. Let us ease the burden to obtain all records needed to properly manage claims and litigation, improve efficiencies, reduce spending, and make informed decisions that accelerate claims resolutions.

Record IQ

Seamless Efficiency with ISG!
Sort, Index, Summarize, and Analyze Records Effortlessly. Record IQ consolidates and organizes records chronologically with indexing, hyperlinks, and summaries for review ready documents that help you make informed decisions and accelerate claims and litigation resolutions.

Record Pro

Streamline your Claim Process with ISG!
Speed, Accuracy and Production. Centralized fulfillment of all External and Third Party record requests with Record Pro.