Record RetrievalMost litigated claims involving injury are likely to need complete and accurate medical record information to properly manage the case.

Having outside counsel manage this process greatly inflates litigation costs due to the many touches the process requires for each treatment facility.

This process is resource intensive: requests average 15 or more activities required for each medical provider in order to obtain records, with an average of 8-10 providers per litigated claim. This work is typically done and billed at paralegal rates.

Benefits to Using Record Retrieval:

  • Reduce litigation costs by over 40% on records activities
  • Accelerate access to critical information by 4+ weeks
  • Process standardization and oversight

Why Clients Partner with ISG:

  • National Process Excellence
  • We customize our process to each firm’s needs, enhancing the workflow and enabling them to effectively manage cases
  • Partners receive a Dedicated Management Team ensuring record obtainment success and SLA guarantees to Drive Down Cycle Times and Impact Claim Outcomes
  • In-house Investigative/Canvassing capabilities to ensure no record is missed
  • We offer an Integrated records and billing process for time savings and billing accuracy

Let us ease the burden to obtain all records needed to properly manage claims and litigation, improve efficiencies, reduce spending, and make
informed decisions that accelerate claims resolutions.

Fast. Accurate. Complete.

Our Program Services

  • Authorization Retrieval
  • Subpoena Preparation
  • Expedited Service
  • Index Hospital Records
  • Provider Research
  • Copy Records
  • X-Ray Duplication
  • Record Pick up
  • Regional Regulation and Compliance
  • Witness Fee Advance

Our Retrieval Services

  • Medical Records and Films
  • Employment Records
  • Military Records
  • Scholastic Records
  • Social Security
  • IRS and Financial Records
  • First Party Benefit
  • Third Party Benefit
  • Worker’s Compensation