Record RetrievalRecord Retrieval Solutions are a vital component to ongoing claim adjudication, litigation support and successful claim closure. Without comprehensive and timely access to these documents, the claim and litigation process stalls, adding to the expense and ultimate loss cost for a claim. ISG offers a comprehensive process combining over 25 years of record retrieval experience with our proprietary software to ensure your records are retrieved completely and on time!

With ISG’s combination of investigative and record retrieval services, we provide additional assurance no record is missed. Our digital and hands-on research department enables us to search multiple healthcare provider types. We can determine if the claimant may have sought care at a health facility in the days, months or years leading up to the date of their “proclaimed injury”. Then, we can determine if an unrelated accident may have caused the injury and/or to establish a prior injury/medical history which can result in lowering claims cost. This department is not limited to healthcare providers alone, it can access other areas of a claimant’s personal life, including membership activity, employment history, hobbies and much more.

Benefits to Using Record Retrieval:

  • Reduce costs of legal and operating expenses by over 40%
  • Direct cost savings include 12% of adjusters time (2016 CLM Study)
  • Seamless coordination and accuracy for authorization and subpoena process
  • Real-Time web portal for LIVE updates of record requests with a HIPPA Compliant record retrieval process
  • National coverage / International capabilities

Why Clients Partner with ISG:

  • We fulfill Millions of Records per year
  • Records can be Ordered, Accessed and Managed anytime from anywhere with our client portal
  • Partners receive a Dedicated Management Team ensuring record obtainment success and SLA guarantees to Drive Down Cycle Times and Impact Claim Outcomes
  • In-house Investigative/Canvassing capabilities to ensure no record is missed
  • We offer an Integrated records and billing process for time savings and billing accuracy
Fast. Accurate. Complete.

Our Program Services

  • Authorization Retrieval
  • Subpoena Preparation
  • Expedited Service
  • Index Hospital Records
  • Provider Research
  • Copy Records
  • X-Ray Duplication
  • Record Pick up
  • Regional Regulation and Compliance
  • Witness Fee Advance

Our Retrieval Services

  • Medical Records and Films
  • Employment Records
  • Military Records
  • Scholastic Records
  • Social Security
  • IRS and Financial Records
  • First Party Benefit
  • Third Party Benefit
  • Worker’s Compensation